33 weeks

Sneak peak of my photoshoot with The Fox and the Sparrow yesterday 

I’ve gotten asked by a handful of people to share more about how this pregnancy is going.  The differences between my first and second…what’s been harder….what’s been easier.  I know I have been a little more quiet than usual the last few months.  I feel like I am a in a season of re-prioritizing.  A season of chasing after big dreams, of releasing fear,  focusing on what’s important and letting go of my own self defined pace of life.  Moving into week number thirty three here in this pregnancy, I am trying to prepare for some pretty huge life changes.  All I have known for the last three years is being a mother to my daughter.  One mouth to feed, one hand to hold, one heart to protect.  It’s been the biggest blessing and joy of my life raising her and watching her grow.  I feel like I’ve found my groove with work and being a momma to one little soul, and frankly, it’s a little overwhelming to think of how it will work with 2.  I’m not sure how to prepare, and I’m not even sure it’s something I can do.  I think once this baby boy enters our world, we will take it all in stride.  I will figure out what I can handle, and maybe, some of my desires will change.

Sam and I are no strangers to change.  Last November he quit his job to pursue his dream of opening his own retail store, Loneflag.  It’s been amazing to see it grow and for him to pour his heart and soul into this business.  He works more and sleeps less…..but he is passionate about what he does, and is really just happy.  We are happy.  Throughout this pregnancy I’ve continued to work on various design jobs and do my best to provide for my family while Loneflag is still gaining traction as a business.  It’s definitely a challenge having both parties in a relationship work independently.  Insurance and taxes and don’t let me get started on how much it is costing us to have a baby! But we both have entrepreneurial hearts.  We want to love what we do.  And while that sometimes means more work and less pay…..we wouldn’t have it any other way.  A few months ago I decided to pursue a business dream of my own that has been brewing in my heart for several years.  It’s something I’ve kept very quit and only vaguely mentioned here and there…but it is part of the reason for my absense here.   It was probably  the worst timing ever with Sam just having launched his own business, but I felt a strong pull to just go for it….that now was the time.  I think sometimes your heart trumphs your head and reward is there for those that are willing to take the risk.  So with that mentality, I started pursuing this crazy dream and I am so very close to being able to share it with you!  I’ve been working hard to launch it before our boy arrives, and it is creeping up pretty close to the same timeline!  Who launches a new business at the same time they are delivering a baby?  I guess this silly girl does.  I honestly can’t wait to share.  And I apologize for being so vague.  I know how annoying that is :)

But that was a long tangent slightly off track to this pregnancy.  Cru has definitely been harder on me than Rylee was.  I feel like I’ve had every negative pregnancy symptom in the book, which is certainly an exaggeration….but it often doesn’t feel like it in the midst of it.  Nausea that has never fully gone away, vomiting, heartburn, heart palpitations, constipation, anemia, leg cramps, nerve pain….and a few others that I will fail to mention.  I don’t know if it’s because he’s a boy, because I am working too hard, or because I am already chasing after a 2 1/2 year old that I leave no down time for myself.  Maybe it’s a combination of them all, or maybe it is simply the nature of this pregnancy.  I have mentioned it before, but during my pregnancy with Rylee, my allergies to gluten and dairy went away.  And I was one of the lucky ones that had them never return.  For the most part, my pregnancy with her was pretty easy.  Unfortunately though,  I had a lot of anxiety because she was always measuring so small.  But Cru has been a champ, and although I’ve been sicker, he has been healthier.  This pregnancy has honestly just flown by.   I feel like I blinked and here I am at 33 weeks.  I remember with Rylee I had her entire nursery ready and everything prepared nearly months before her arrival.  Poor Cru has a tiny pile in the corner of one of our drawers and still no place to sleep.  I promise, we will figure that out before he comes.  seven. more. weeks.  I better get moving.

  1. kelsey from {psheart}

    I loved reading this update, and am just blown away by your strength and passion for both your family and your dreams. I cannot wait to hear about this secret project you’ve been working on….I know that it will be brilliant! I hope the next seven weeks are stress-free and joy-filled. Can’t wait for baby Cru to make his appearance!

    (And oh my gosh, that photo of you and Rylee is the sweetest!)

  2. Kerr

    Wow! That photo is gorgeous. In such a short amount of time Cru will be a little playmate to Rylee and, in a lot of ways, it will be a little easier than when it was just Rylee. I am the oldest of 5 and my mom said her job got easier with each one of us. Not financially, obviously, but she was/is an entrepreneur and always chased her dreams. Those are some of the best life lessons to teach your children! Rylee and Cru are sure lucky to have such amazing dream-chasing parents. :)

  3. Joelle

    This photo is just too beautiful Kelli. It’s always lovely to hear updates about life, even if things seem to be a little bit more difficult than they used to be. But life is a journey, I suppose, and you’ll love looking back at these posts before Cru is born. Good luck with these last few weeks my dear! xoxo

  4. Ariana

    You are positively blooming! What a stunning photo!
    Don’t worry… It will all come together and you’ll find your rhythm together as a family.
    I just gave birth to our fourth child on June 30th. Always a learning curve but take it in stride! Best wishes for a healthy labour and delivery :)

  5. Kerri

    You are doing great with the changes so far Kell…. just keep putting both your little ones first and you will keep your joy! Well… actually… keep putting God first! :) Make alone time a priority not just for yourself, but to PRAY… and guidance will come. Been so convicted to do that more and more, especially being a momma and all the stresses that comes with that. Love you lots.

  6. lexi @

    We just had our very first – a baby girl – and with each passing day we start to figure this whole thing out! You will be wonderful with two kids – just take it day by day! So excited to hear about the new project. :)

  7. Jessica

    What a beautiful post, and the photos are stunning. I can’t wait to see what have you’ve been working on, I’m sure will be espectacular like all your work. I’m going through my second pregnancy too (although still in my first trimester) and very much like what you described, very hard and feeling very sick too while my first was a breeze! I also have to chase an almost 3yrs old little boy around and that makes the difference. Best of luck! x

  8. Jen C

    Thanks for the update Kelli! It’s so amazing how different each pregnancy can be. It’s also amazing that your allergies went away and didn’t come back. What a blessing! It’s very interesting to hear you say this pregnancy kinda flew by – especially with you being so sick the whole time. I remember my pregnancy (my 1st) feeling like it lasted FOREVER because each day just crept by, especially when I was really sick the first 9 weeks. So that’s good that this one hasn’t felt really long on top of everything else. Don’t worry about pulling the nursery together & all that. You will get it done…and if you don’t? OH WELL! Cru will have no idea what he’s missing :-) I hope the next seven weeks fly by for you also. What an exciting time!

    And can’t wait to see all about this secret project you’ve been working on!

  9. Julia Wheeler

    I launched Gunn & Swain the week after Gram was born so I FEEL YOU! It’s crazy but you’ve gotta go with your heart for sure! You’re going to kill it… so excited to see! Can’t remember if I told you but my godson’s name is Cru and he’s just about the cutest thing ever… obsessed with him! Can’t wait to meet your adorable Cru! xo

    • kelli

      A week after!!?? You are even crazier! haha. Just kidding. Much respect momma. Amazing to see how much your business has grown in such a short time! Inspiring!

      • Julia Wheeler

        I’m insane. Thank God for my mom!! You’re the inspiring one! Small business mamas gotta stick together;)

  10. Nataliya Cooper

    You look great! And the things you do are awesome. You are def one of a kind. I remember I came across in a magazine , I believe, Rylee’s nursery. It was dreaming. I never had time to finish my nursery with both of my kids. There soon another fabulous nursery of Cru is coming , I am sure. Yet meanwhile Is there somewhere a link where I can look on the photos of Rylee’s nursery ?
    TIA :)

  11. Iuka

    Hi Kelli! AMAZING photo…soo beautiful…..
    always i come here to see tour photos, your job and your posts. Congratulations for your job and family.

    ….soo…I need aks to you one thing: where’s is the Ryles dress?? :D




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