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Kimono , Necklace , Sunglasses, Leather Rancher Hat, Wrap Clogs c/o Free People // Dress c/o Lovers & Friends // Bracelets and Bag c/o Vagabond

Baby boy is on a major growth spurt right now and I am definitely feeling the growing pains!  Counting down the weeks until he is here!  33 days to go.  But if he’s anything like his sister….he will be a little early to the party.  I certainly wouldn’t complain ;)

Currently loving my new stacking bracelets and cuff from Vagabond.  They are perfect for everyday wear, and I love that the stacking bracelets have the mix in metals.  Vagabond also designs these beautifully crafted buttery leather totes.  This bag is large enough to carry all of my “baby extras” but definitely doesn’t fall into the traditional diaper bag category.   These clogs are a little out of character for me, but I’ve grown to really love them.  They are an FP exclusive style and the wooden heel is the perfect height for me.  Any more height and my arches are cramping up at the end of the night.  Another joyful side effect of this pregnancy!  Oy.

This week I will be busy preparing a birthday party for a special little (almost) three year old!  I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by and how much Rylee has changed.  I am looking forward to seeing her fall into the roll of big sister soon.  I know she will be great.  For now though, I am soaking up the last few weeks of her being my one and only!

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  1. Kendra

    I always wonder how so many bloggers I read wear such short dresses and tunics and aren’t worried about flashing everyone around them! Do people normally wear boy shorts or something like spanx underneath? My torso is so long, I imagine I wouldn’t be able to even look down without my dress coming up! I’ve always been so curious how to pull that look off!

  2. Tonya

    The cutest mama I’ve ever seen! I am lusting over those shoes. Free People knows how to make a beautiful clog. And I love that hat as well, the color is great!



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