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Happy Birthday to our sweet Rylee girl!  This weekend Rylee turned three and we celebrated with a Frozen inspired princess party, per her request.  If you asked me a few years ago if I would ever be throwing a princess party, the answer would certainly be no!  But when all your daughter talks about is Elsa and Anna and blue cake, well, you give the girl what she wants :)  Tastefully and subtly of course.  Trying not to overwhelm myself before this baby comes, I threw a small party with just family.  I made brunch and set up a dessert bar with cake and cupcakes and cookies.  The cake I ended up buying from Elizabethan Desserts and topped it with handmade paper flowers.  Using the same method as I did in this tutorial.  I made the cupcakes and tried my hand at piping the frosting (I used this buttercream recipe which turned out amazing!)  It was surprisingly really fun for me and I was secretly (now not secretly) pretty proud of myself.  I am not much of a baker, but I can kind of see how it can become addicting if you give it some time.  And in my DIY nature, I whipped together Rylee’s dress and star headband and wand a few nights before.  Handmade always wins over here.  Apparently not for Rylee though, who much preferred the store bought Frozen dress my mom got her to my own!  Maybe she will appreciate my efforts one day! ;)  But for now I’ll chalk it up to her being three!  Metallic Flash tattoos were a hit with all the kiddos and the hideous Disney tats were strategically placed on her belly for easy coverage! You should see her little tattoo covered body right now!

We love you so much Ry.  You’re such a blessing and you bring so much joy to our family!  I love being your momma and getting to watch you grow.  I love your spunk and contagious laugh, your sweet sensitive spirit and even your stubborn determination, because it reminds me much of myself.   My heart overflows with love for you.  I can’t wait to share in years and years of many more memories with you!


  1. Victoria

    Happy Birthday sweet Rylee!! This is the cutest birthday party I’ve ever seen. You did such an amazing job, Kelli – but I wouldn’t expect anything different – everything you touch turns to gold (or in this case, glittery silver!)

  2. Melissa

    Everything is so beautiful! I’m getting lots of inspiration for my own daughter’s 3rd birthday in December. :)

  3. Mary

    Rylee is such a beautiful little girl, and looks so much like you!
    ANd the party seemed to be incredible, you did an awesome job for sure :)

  4. Corina Nika

    happy birthday to your sweet little girl! can’t imagine how quickly years pass.. i remember like it was just yesterday when you posted rylee is two<3

  5. Christine

    Whoops — Feel free to delete my unfinished comment.

    I WANTED to say how much I dig the use of the baby’s breath! Such a sweet, simple flower that’s usually looked over but, as always, you’ve made shine.

    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl, and happy birthing anni to you!

  6. Marian

    What an exquisite party for such a small being. Rylee’s obe lucky lady! :) I’d have been happy with that styling for my 30th birthday let alone my 3rd!! hehe.
    Truly beautiful work!

  7. ? Anaïs - lesfleurswordcrush

    Omg, I just discovered your blog today, and cannot stop reading it … Your pictures are amazingly beautiful, it brings me so much joy and happiness, thank u :)

    xx from France,

    ? lesfleurswordcrush.blogspot.com ?

  8. Shannon

    I’ve been searching for inspiration for my little one’s 1 year birthday party coming up soon and stumbled upon this. Such a beautiful party! Lucky little lady she is to have a fabulous mama like you! :)

    Can you tell me where you found those darling drapes in the cake shot? I’m obsessed! :)




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