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I couldn’t not post these photos I took of Rylee a few weeks back!  I mean, such a big kid already!  Last year, when I was doing the 52 project, I got pretty consistent with putting my “good camera” to use.  I actually really miss those weekly posts and I’ve already decided I am going to do it again next year!  I missed too much this year! Plus, now I have two kiddos to photograph….so it will just make it that much more fun.  I hope you don’t mind an overload of my children on here again. haha.  I’ve always said this space is somewhat of a visual diary for me to look back on when I am old….so that is reason enough for me to share their sweet faces on here too, right?  They are in fact my world.  So many people have said that second children never get as much love (in the photo sense), and I can already tell it’s true with Cru man.  Picking back up with this photo project will help give me the extra push that I need sometimes.

Ry is wearing her dad’s beanie, Oh Cozy Knits scarf, Ollie Jones Feather Dress, Gap denim vest, and Zara boots.  This girl is ready for FALL!!


  1. Rhonda

    I definitely don’t mind you post more photos of Ry and Cru! Look forward to your 52 Project:)

  2. Tasha

    Oh that Rylee! She is the best dressed kid I have ever seen. Her wardobe is wayyyy better than mine.

    I certainly don’t mind the kid overload. It is so hard trying to photograph second babies. I rarely get our good camera out anymore, mainly because it’s full, and my computer has long since died. That and my first baby climbs all over me when I try to use the camera, so everything gets blurred anyway. Haha! The joys! XO

  3. Cerys

    Rylee is seriously something else! I can’t say anything about the kid overload…I think I might do something similar on my blog… :0

  4. Mara

    I love your 52 series photos! They were always so beautiful and sweet. I think it’s a great idea to bring it back with the new addition.



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