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Last week we escaped our usual Thursday grind and headed to Julian for a family day.  The plan was to go apple picking, which I’ve surprisingly never done before, but apparently the picking season ended early this year because of the drought.  Instead, we ended up at Cuyamaca Sate Park wandering through the most beautiful gold colored meadows scattered with these gigantic oak trees.  We even spotted a baby deer and it’s momma, which just about made Rylee’s year :)  You can actually see them really small resting beneath the tree in the photo above.  I’m realizing more and more what a nature lover Rylee is.  I think she is probably most happy when she is outdoors, discovering new things and talking about animals.  She loves to learn about trees and bugs and is just so curious about everything.   I don’t think she ever stopped asking me questions along our hike! I love that about her.  Cru man slept most of the time on Sam.  Praise the Lord.  (sidenote: nothing is cuter to me than seeing a man wearing a baby, am I right!??  Thanks for this one Modern Wrap)  After our long hike we drove into the town of Julian for some lunch and apple pie.  It felt like “real fall” everywhere we looked.  The fall I dream about with beautiful golden leaves all around us, cold crisp air but the warm sun shining down.  It was the best day.


  1. Jen C

    Beautiful pictures! Making memories..that’s what life is all about. I miss Julian so much! Thanks for sharing. I’d like to politely request an update on Cru too. Seems you mentioned he’s not a great sleeper so I was curious how things are going and how it’s all been different with him than it was with Rylee. If you have time. Thanks pretty Momma!

  2. Sarah

    Before I even read the words of your post, I was going to comment that your dude makes baby wearing look so masculine! I love seeing dads take pride in their work ;)

  3. Tasha

    Oh how gorgeous! The countryside looks so beautiful, and it’s great you all got out and did something a little different. That’s no small order with a baby in tow. And yes, Sam looks extra spunky wearing his little boy! xo

  4. Kassandra

    Oh Kelli these photos are beautiful! I am sorry I’ve been a bad blogging friend & haven’t been commenting much! That apple pie sounds great! Cru is too cute!
    <3 Kastles


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