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Photos & Video by Kavin Lindgren

There were a lot of really great things about this year….but the greatest gift was the arrival of our baby boy, Cru.  In the weeks leading up to my delivery, my friend Kavin shot some footage of our family of three.  It was such a strange and special time for me…knowing that in just a few weeks we would be adding another member to our family and life as we knew it would no longer be the same.  I found myself really cherishing those last few weeks with Rylee.  Soaking in her smile, her sweet spirit and her funny little voice.  Feeling so grateful for the three full years I had with her as my only child.  When Cru finally decided to make his entrance into the world, we all fell deeply in love.  Watching Rylee and the way she loved him was more than a heart could handle. I knew right away what a great big sister she would become.  A week after we brought Cru home from the hospital, Kavin was able to come over and capture our new family of four….and Cru at his tiniest.  He put together this ‘before & after’ video that I will cherish forever and ever.  We look tired and worn out (because we were) but also really really happy.  It’s a snapshot of a time in our lives that I’ll never forget.  What a year.  Cru, you have been the greatest gift to our family.

Happy New Year everyone.


  1. CaWille

    Moohhh so cute ! i almost cried, the pictures and the video are lovely ! love it and you’re a beautiful family, with beautiful children ? xx

  2. Lidija

    I love your work and I read your blog for such a long time. This post and video at the end, were so emotional. So I wanted to say hello from Croatia, Zagreb.

    I wish all the love&health for your family in 2015 and many more!


  3. Laura

    These photos and the video are too sweet. Happy new year Kelli, I wish you and your family all the best for 2015! xx

  4. Caitlin

    that is the sweetest video ever. you have such a beautiful family. happy new year, kelli. you are an amazing woman and i greatly admire you <3

  5. Coxy

    I’m French,

    I loved the beauty and sérinité of this video is that it would be possible to know the singer and the singer that accompanies this delicious music video , thank you in advance and sorry for my broken English …

  6. Mafalda M

    wow what a beautiful video! Rylee looks so genuinely happy, it’s so pretty to watch. You’ll raise amazing kids i can tell. i can only say beautiful and sweet things about your family and also I can’t get enough of you’re artwork, incredible!
    May 2015 be a very good year for all of you!

  7. Michelle Schneider

    wow, that video made me tear up a bit. I’m due with my first baby in just a few days and seeing your family together is so touching! I can’t wait to hold my little babe soon!

  8. trine

    this video brought tears to my eyes! what a beautiful family. wish you all the best for 2015! love from norway


    Kelli, your family is so beautiful – I loved watching this video. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2015 :)

  10. Tasha

    That is such a beautiful keepsake! I can totally identify with your words. Our greatest gift for 2014 was certainly our baby girl, and we got to enjoy her for almost the whole year! All the best for 2015 Kelli xo

  11. Elissa

    Your photos are amazing. And i love the dresser/changing table…I’m on the look out for a unique one for my little one due in July!

    • kelli

      Thanks Elissa!
      this dresser is a vintage find….but works great for a changing table :) Congrats on your baby on the way!

  12. Hey Rita

    Wonderful shots and video! …And what a lovely family! I wish you guys all the best and hope the happiness in the Larson household continues to flourish. Thanks for sharing these moments with us, it’s so inspirational. Can’t wait to start raising a family of our own with my husband.


  13. Emilie

    Wow! Love everything in this video! Where are Cru’s pants from ? So cute!



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