Wonder Years
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Me:  d.RA skirt and blouse / Free People Bleeker Bucket Bag / Salt Sunglasses

Rylee:  Bluet Dress from Shan and Toad

My girl is turning four in 12 days!! I can hardly wrap my brain around that.  She is at such a sweet stage right now.  Rylee has always been super independent.  I mostly loved that about her because it made it pretty easy in social situations and gave me a bit more freedom.  But there were definitely times where I selfishly just wanted to feel more ‘needed’ by her.  I’m not really sure what has changed, but she’s reached an age where I finally feel that from her.  That every now and there are things that only I can fix, and tears that only I can wipe away.  When she calls for me to snuggle with her and to scratch her back and tell her stories.  When she gets hurt and only wants me to hold her to make it better.  The hugs and kisses and I love you’s are being thrown right back at me and it’s kind of the best feeling on earth!  It only took four years to get here, but hey, I’m soaking up every second of it because Lord knows she is going to be way too cool for all this in the blink of an eye!  I was chatting with a mom of teen girls yesterday and she kept telling me “oh, you just wait!”  Trust me, I can wait. ;)

Ry is wearing my favorite little dress from Shan and Toad.  I can’t get enough of her in midi skirts and boots….even in the middle of summer :)

Photos by Shelby Clark



  1. Tasha

    I am right there behind you on that four year milestone! Which also means I have been following your story for even longer!

    Some days I find this age more than challenging. It might be a boy thing, but my little man is all about his Mumma right now. And with my little lady being a Mumma’s girl I often wish I could skip to the part where I get to be the one who gets to sit back while my partner handles the kids wants and needs. I do get the best cuddles though, so there is that!

    I love your outfit Kelli, I have been eyeing-off a similar one from one of my favoutire brands over here. I think you have just convinced me to get it!

    Lots of love XO

    • kelli

      Thanks Tasha! Love that you have stayed in touch for so long! Perhaps one day the stars we will align and we will meet one day ;) Hope you and your family are doing well! xx



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