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I’m so excited to be partnering with Gunn & Swain on today’s giveaway!  Gunn & Swain was started a few years back by my good friend Julia and her husband Dusty, both of whom love to travel and create!  The items they sell in their shop were either discovered on their travels or hand made by friends / artisans.  From unique jewelry to home accessories….bath & body products to baby wear! One of my favorite products they offer are their mexican blankets (which are clearly a crowd favorite because they sell out almost as quickly as they become available!)  If you know our family, you know the beach is pretty much our second home.  So we can never have enough beach blankets…especially from Gunn & Swain!

Today we are giving away one free mexican blanket along with this cute new canvas tote that is a great carry-all for the beach, pool….or really anywhere!

To enter, simply follow the prompts on the rafflecopter below!  A winner will be chosen on Thursday at 12AM. Good Luck!

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  1. Eline

    I really hope this giveaway is international, because I love this! (I’m from The Netherlands.)
    I did everything I had to do, fingers crossed!

  2. Nicole R

    LOVE this blanket! The color is gorgeous. I keep an old “mexican style” blanket in my Jeep for spontaneous beach trips or picnics, but it’s about time it got replaced.

  3. Daniella manini

    Hi Kelly !! I love this photos! I designed the tote bag with Julia and would love to use one of this pics to promote your giveaway on my Instagram. Let me know if that’s ok! Thanks !!

  4. Kristin Kielich

    Not giving up on winning one of these great give-aways! Love the blanket and bag!

  5. Glenda

    Your outfit is fabulous! This giveaway is amazing I would share the blanket with my husband and the tote would be perfect for MOPS this year. Thank you for sharing:) have a lovely week!

  6. Rebecca Cox

    I love the color of the blanket! That has been my favorite for years. Beautiful!

  7. Courtney

    Their stuff is so cute! But you are right, they are always sold out of the blankets! I would love to get my hands on one.

  8. Kara McGuire

    I’m in love with this blanket! Perfect color and looks so soft :) I would die if I actually won!!!

  9. Triona McKee

    Even though we have had the coldest summer in 50 years in Ireland…..and trips to the beach can be counted on one hand, I’m still.hopeful for an Indian Summer in Sept and would love the blanket for those,beautiful beach days with my kids x

  10. Kelsey

    I recently discovered Gunn + Swain and I am OBSESSED. I bought my first blanket through brickyard buffalo and it is AMAZING! I would love to win this blanket as it would be perfect to display in my home, it is so simple and classic and the color is to die for! xx

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  11. Tasha

    We will be spending so much more time at the beach when we move to our new place. I can’t wait. Winning this would be perfect! Great giveaway Kelli xo

  12. Edita

    I would L O V E to win this beautiful tote and the blanket. Both items would be perfect for our life with a little baby boy :)
    All the best from Switzerland

  13. Melanie

    Beautiful/LOVE the blanket & bag & gorgeous photos! Thank you so much for the sweet chance!

    I used to have a really pretty Mexican blanket that my grandfather had given me, but it has since been lost. This would be amazing! xo

  14. Tess

    Been swooning over that bag so for long now! The perfect bag to carry an awesome mexican beach blanket and a bottle of wine down to the beach for sunset.

  15. Samantha

    The blanket is fabulous! Im 10 minutes from the beach and that blanket would of great use!

  16. Kim Pincombe Cole

    Gunn & Swain Mexican blankets are amazing! Crossing my fingers on this one, as I love them so much…

  17. Carrie Anne

    The tote is super cute & you can never have too many totes for the farmer’s market! And that blanket!! Such a lovely shade of mint; it’d go perfectly in my home as I try to change over to a more subtle brachy decor.

  18. Denisse

    I have been eyeing (pun intended) this tote all summer! It would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Miami! I love Gunn & Swain blankets and it would be perfect for concerts and festivals! What a great giveaway!

  19. Jessica McKell

    I’ve been having my eye on those blankets. I would love to win one!!! :)

  20. Ashley D

    I love the spirit of adventure in all their items. The blankets are especially amazing. I love that you’ve partnered for this giveaway!!

  21. ashton

    Really loving this blanket! Their shop is awesome too, thanks for the recommendation :)

  22. ashton jensen

    looooove gunn&swain. haven’t purchased any products but a friend had one of the Mexican blankets in her house and she told me about their company!! been following their insta and am obsessed w all the posts!!!

  23. jenny stratton

    I love the blanket and tote everybody in my family collect blankets so I know it would be well used

  24. Shu

    I’d like to win this giveaway (this is my first) because I really need a blanket for the beach and the tote for my next journey!!! The tote is amazing I love the eye (its graphic and color)!!!!!!!! I’m literally in love with these. Greetings!

  25. Maryland

    tapi kan baru baru ni macam ada sedikit improve. selang selang sambil makan sambil review makanan. tapi tu la, si iqbal tu dok melantak beriye2. minggu lepas nampak macam tambah 2kali nasi, amboii sedap nau gamaknye. hilehihiWilh-loved.



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