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Dress – Free People / Sandals – Madewell (similar) / Rings – Wanderlust + Co

Summer has finally decided to bring it’s HEAT and once again we are left melting….wishing our 1970’s home had an AC unit! Whew! I’ve basically been living in swing-y dresses and sandals. And I’ve always had a thing for dainty gold rings, and these by Wanderlust + Co are a few of my favorite.
Tomorrow is our Rylee girl’s fourth birthday! She insisted on NOT having a birthday party this year. Sam and I both think it’s due to the fact that several months ago we told her that when she turns four she could no longer have bottles before bed. That girl remembers everything. Don’t judge me too hard for that, but yes, she still has a bottle at night. Of all the things to be strict about, that has always been one I never felt was worth the battle. Anyway, I tried to explain to her that her birthday will come and she is going to turn four with or without a party….but she is still on the party boycott hoping that without it she might get to live another year at 3. haha.
Sam and I planned a small family pool party anyway, without her permission, so hopefully tomorrow she will wake up ready to celebrate her “not-birthday”! I mean, I don’t know a child on earth who would deny swimming, gifts and cake. But Ry is a stubborn one (i have noooo idea where she got that from!?) so wish me luck! haha.


  1. Sharda

    So sweet…good luck and happy birthday Rylee I’m sure she will love it…can’t wait to see pics xx

  2. Kelli Dellumo

    Aw! 4 is such a cute age though! My nephews are 3 & 5 – so much learning and growing going on! But it sounds like you got this!! … Just want to let you know I Love love yourstyle! I’ve been following on your insta page for a while and love your photos! A true inspiration for a mom with a great career goal – best of luck and as always thanks for the offer!! ??????


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