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I wanted to introduce you guys to an innovative new interiors community called at{mine}.  We all know pinterest, right?  Well at{mine} is built somewhat similar, only it’s owning the interior space….allowing a place for members to post snapshots of their own homes, tag the sources of their style, and be inspired by the stories, people, and brands behind the real interiors.  It’s really designed for the ultimate interior enthusiasts!  I think as creatives, interiors are something we all are inspired by in one way or another.  I’ve always been drawn to the neutral, rustic, modern meets vintage style of home. For you, that might look different.  But what’s cool about at{mine} is that it features real homes, of all styles, from all around the world.  You can explore different categories, from bedrooms to kitchens, workspaces to styling…depending on where you are needing inspiration.  You can follow along with your favorite users and comment or “heart” your favorite photos to encourage different users within the community.   Once you become a member, I promise you’ll get lost in the pages of this site!  Or like me, get inspired to tackle your next home revision project that you’ve been putting off for months! :)

CLICK HERE to sign up and create your own profile.  Enjoy and be inspired!

Images above from at{mine} users:  Agata Witkowicz / Benedicte Clouet / Cate St Hill / Hege Morris / Little French Rag / Pepper Schmidt / Katy Orme

and you can visit my profile HERE.


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