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How cute is this perfect fall dress by Anais and I!?  Our weather has been so brutal (high 90’s in October!!) so I am literally counting down the days until colder weather arrives.  But we enjoyed some short lived cooler temps yesterday and I asked Ry if I could snap a few pics of her before school.  I uploaded these photos to my computer and almost cried when I realized how OLD she is looking!  She’s growing up into such a beautiful little girl and it’s got me all emotional over here!  Her hair is just long enough to pull off milk maid braids, so I’m doing it anytime she lets me (she is a particular one with her hair!).  And luckily, I’m still the judge when it comes to what she wears, so I’m going to enjoy that as long as possible ;)

Anais and I has a beautiful Fall range that I am head over heels for.  This Emma Dress is one of my favorites.  It’s classic and tailored and so cute paired with some chelsea boots!

Shop the full Fall collection by Anais and I HERE >>>


  1. Kassandra

    I was just going to say, how is her hair long enough for braids?! I can’t believe how big she is getting! So cute!

    Hope all is well!
    <3 Kastles



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