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Hope you all had a great halloween weekend!  I actually intentionally tried to not do the DIY thing this year.  It’s probably the busiest I’ve ever been with my businesses and the thought of making our own costumes this year seemed daunting (even though it’s something I really love).  I gave in and bought Rylee a Target princess dress a while back that she was obsessed with.  She wanted to be Merida (from the Disney movie Brave) for Halloween for months….so that was always the plan. I didn’t think about poor cru until the day before…but came up with the idea of making him a quick gnome hat and beard.  I mean, how cute is a baby gnome!?  And when I started making his hat, I knew Rylee would want one too.  So I made her one…..and then I thought all of us, with our blond hair and Scandinavian roots, ought to be a family of Swedish gnomes! So there I went, doing just the thing I told myself I wouldn’t do. haha.  Luckily for me, it really didn’t take too much time and Rylee loved the gnome costume so much that she wanted to be that instead of Merida.  I’ve got to admit, I was pretty proud of that decision over the run-of-the-mill princess dress…though I was willing to let her choose whatever it is she wanted to be! :)

Rylee’s skirt is by Soor Ploom from Le Petit Organic + vintage boots / Cru’s Shoes are by Zuzii

I created a quick tutorial for you guys to file away for another year, if you decide you want to be gnomes too! Continue reading for the full tutorial >>>


• felt
• scissors
• sewing machine
• ribbon / trim (of your choice)
• yarn


1. Create your pattern.  For a child’s head, Rylee’s size, use the dimensions noted above.  13″ on the fold, 11 1/2″ on the diagonal (which is the seam that runs from the top of the point to the back of your neck), 9″ along the face (which is halved), and 5 1/2″ along the neck (which is also halved).  To create a baby sized hat or an adult hat, just adjust these measurements a little smaller or bigger.

2.  Make sure the felt is folded along the 13″ measurement.  Then trace along your pattern and cut.

3.  It should look like this when the felt is unfolded.

4.  Turn the felt with the right sides facing each other.  Felt actually looks the same on both sides so this doesn’t matter too much.  But if you are using a different fabric with an obvious correct side, face those two together and sew along the diagonal.gnome hat trim

5.  Attach your trim.  Start with the back side.  You will want to cut your trim with enough excess to be able to tie it under your chin.  I just used a hot glue gun to attach it.  But you can also sew this on too if that makes more sense with the trim you chose.

6.  Complete the hat by adding trim all along the face as well.  That’s it!  So quick and easy!


For the beard, all you need is yarn.  Cut one long piece, about 20″ long.  Then cut a lot of short pieces about 6″ long.  One by one, fold the short pieces in half and create knots along the single long piece, as pictured below.  Continue doing this until the beard is long enough to wrap around your child’s chin.  You can also double up on the short pieces when creating the knots (use two strings instead of one) so that the beard is fuller.


Trim the yarn to your desired beard length.  Now, you can either attach the beard to your gnome hat or tie it loosely around your child’s neck.  There you have it.  The start of a very cute gnome costume!


  1. Amber in Pearls

    OMG they’re so adorable and you did a fantastic job with the costumes! looks like something from Pottery Barn kids or something, you did really good! and you’re right- with the blonde hair you guys really could pass as swedish hehe. My little ones went as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. My son who’s 2, loves Peter Pan and by the end of the night with trick or treating he was convinced he really was Peter Pan haha.

    Amber in Pearls

  2. Anna

    HI, I am trying to make an adult gnome hat, I want one like yours! It is kind of hard to see in the picture. How does it differ from the child’s hat?


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