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Just a few photos I have been meaning to post of our time at the world’s cutest apple orchard in Minnesota :)  It was a family owned farm with tons of apple trees and animals for the kids to pet.  It was actually my first real orchard experience!  And maybe it was all in my head, but the apples were out of this world good!  Cru was so cute munching away at apples all day.  Wish we could have fit a basket full in our suitcase back home!  Now if only we could find an orchard like this near home!  Has anyone ever been to a good orchard in Southern California!?


  1. Paula

    Have you guys been to Julian, CA? It’s in the San Diego area and they have apple picking! My family goes to Oak Glen near Yucaipa since we are in the Los Angeles area. They also have apple picking and fabulous pies!

    • kelli

      We tried going to Julian last year but I guess because of the drought, the orchards were not open for picking? I’ll have to do my research earlier next year so I don’t miss out!

  2. Kate

    Kelli you should make the trip to New Zealand – Hawkes Bay in the Summer time has the most incredible orchards! There isn’t a better place in the world xx



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