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photos by Taryn Kent

Have you guys heard of Madsen Cycles!?  I mean…look at this bike!!!  A few friends and I + the sweet folks at Madsen rallied together to get this vintage blue dream-mobile for our dear friend Tori and her family, who has been fiercely battling cancer since early last year.  (you can read Tori’s full story here).  We thought this bike might bring her a little sunshine during this otherwise difficult season.  When the package arrived at my doorstep I couldn’t believe it’s size!   The bike came in pristine condition, and almost fully assembled, which made it pretty easy for my non-handy self!  I popped on the front wheel and adjusted the seat height and it was ready to ride.  Luckily for me, I was able to give it a test drive before delivering it to Tori.  I realized when I hopped on this thing that it had been over ten years since I rode a bike! 10 YEARS!?  Which is a little sad and also a little intimidating when you realize you not only have to balance yourself, but also your kids on the back!  But thankfully, it was really easy to get the hang of.  The bike rode super smooth and the different gears made it easy when going up and down hills.  It’s the perfect bike for cruising around the neighborhood, kids in tow!  It has 2 benches inside the bucket with four seat belts.  We also got the add on front rack for extra cargo and brown leather saddle and grips, which I think set it over the top.  The details on this bike definitely make it one-of-a-kind.  Plus, there is nothing better than getting out of the house and going on adventures with your kids (in style) ;)

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  1. Alexis

    The bike is awesome! And how and the world have you not ridden a bike in 10 years? Jason and I love to go on bike rides to downtown Carlsbad or around Coronado in the summer. I even ride to the outlet stores by our house when I don’t want to deal with traffic. :)



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