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I got the opportunity last month to travel to Alabama with my family for a project with Travel & Leisure Magazine and Alabama Tourism.  We had the chance to visit some of the best attractions Orange Beach had to offer.  I remembered someone telling me once how great the Alabama beaches were, but man did they exceed my expectations! Hands down the best day of our trip was when we spent the afternoon at Alabama Point.  If you are a regular to my blog, you know how much we love the beach.  I thought nothing could beat our beaches here in San Diego, but I have to say, those Alabama beaches stole my heart! :)  Warm water and the softest white sand as far as our eyes could see.  And those boardwalks…well they were pretty dreamy too.

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One our favorite spots we visited for lunch was the Gulf Restaurant.  The buildings are made from shipping containers and it has a great view overlooking the water.  All the seating was outdoors and very casual / family friendly.  Which of course we love when traveling with two young kiddos….one of which is harder to contain than the other – Cru ;)  There was sand for them to play in and even blow up furniture which was a huge hit with Rylee!  The food was also really good._13 _14

One of the more unique spaces we visited was the Coastal Arts Center.  It’s home of the ‘Hot Shop” – the only public access glass studio in Alabama.  Here they teach classes on the art of glass blowing and sculpting.  And right next door we visited the Clay Studio where we met one of the artists working there, who offered up a tour of the space.  I have always been so inspired by ceramic artists.  It is definitely on my bucket lists of things to learn one day.  I love that this center is encouraging and sharing creativity within the community._15 _16 _17 _18 _19 _20

And who can go to Alabama without visiting the Wharf! :)  An all inclusive shopping and dining shopping experience fun for the whole fam.  The kids would say their favorite part of the trip was the arcade there, but who can blame them. haha.  All-in-all we had a really great time….but give us a pretty beach and you’ve pretty much won us over from the start.  Thanks for the stay Alabama.


  1. Courtney

    I LOVE seeing your photos and the beautiful Alabama beaches through your eyes! I grew up in Fairhope (30 min away) and we would skip school to go to Alabama point! I miss it so much, I’m glad you got to experience Alabama’s beauty!




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