Q turns TWO!

We celebrated Quincy’s 2nd birthday yesterday with a sweet little Daisy themed party with our family.  She is truly our sunshine girl and a daisy theme just seemed fitting for our happy spunky little girl.  I love watching her grow but I also get a little sad how quickly time is flying by…realizing our last baby is not so ‘baby’ anymore.  Gosh, it’s just all so bittersweet! Q is so full of life and has one of the funniest personalities we’ve ever seen.  We call her our boss baby because she is so independent and strong willed that she kind of runs the show around here.  She is feisty and goofy and fearless and while that sometimes brings it’s challenges, I just love her confident little spirit so much.

I had so much fun crafting and baking for this party. I always get asked about recipes and tutorials and all that on social media so I thought I would just link everything here in one place.

Cake – this one was a labor of love!  I followed THIS RECIPE for the vanilla cake and buttercream. (which was SO yummy I will definitely be using it again).  And THIS RECIPE for the sugar daisies that i used to decorate it.

Cookies – these also turned our really yummy and I used THIS RECIPE

Paper goods & balloons – from my go-to shop Witty Bash based here in San Diego!

Flowers – by my friend Esther of Wallflower Inspiration

Daisy Party Hats – I followed THIS DIY with a few alterations. I made them child size and painted the centers in gold and dusted with glitter instead of using poms.

Dress – from Zara / Daisy Hair Clips – I just made these using fake flowers from the craft store.



So let me just tell you, staycations are where it’s at.  Sam and I always laugh when people tell us ‘enjoy your vacation, I hope you can get some rest!”.  Because if you are a parent you know that vacations are usually way less restful than just staying home.  BUT….that’s not the point of them for us (or at least not the point of FAMILY vacations).  The point is to get out of our normal work/life grind and routines and spend quality time with our kids.  Some of my favorite memories growing up are while on vacation with my family, and Sam and I want to be able to create those experiences for our kids as well.  What I love about staycations is that you get all the same benefits of a vacation, but without the dreaded travel part.  I am a little high anxiety when it comes to travel so a road trip is much more up my alley, and even better, a 20 minute trip down the coast!  Which is what we did a few weeks ago when we visited the newly renovated La Jolla Shores Hotel.  The hotel sits right on the sand overlooking the coastline.  Our room was one of the best in the house with it’s own private balcony and oceanfront view. Not only was the beach just a few steps away, but the hotel also has an awesome kid-friendly pool as well.  My kids have grown up by the ocean so in all honesty, they probably prefer the pool over the beach!  Where I on the other hand would choose the beach any day.  But I love that this hotel has the best of both worlds.

Every breakfast and dinner we ate at The Shores Restaurant.  It’s conveniently located in the hotel and opened early at 7am which was nice because my kids wake up early and HANGRY! haha.  They also offered this amazing beach BBQ cookout one night on the sand which we did, and the kids LOVED. Amazing fresh food and our own BBQ and smores kit for after.  The kids had fun chasing around all the seagulls and we got to watch the most beautiful sunset.  Life gets so busy that I often forget what a beautiful city we live in.  It was nice to be able to really savor our town and all that it has to offer with my family on this trip.  And I could not recommend The Shores Hotel more.  It was our first time there, and won’t be our last.  A great place to bring the whole family if you are looking for a family-friendly beach getaway!



New Bedding!  I’m not sure there’s much that makes me happier!  Especially when it’s in beautiful neutral linen! It just feels so cozy and relaxed to me! We just got this new bedding set from MagicLinen.  Pictured are the striped linen sheet set, natural linen duvet cover set, and 2 pom pom trim linen pillow cases.  I definitely thought Sam and I would have graduated to a King size bed by now, but here we are, 10 years and 3 kids later, and still rocking our queen ;)  We have been house hunting for longer than I’d like to admit, so I know our time is coming soon enough! haha.  Until then, I’m going to enjoy how cute our bed looks with these linens regardless of the size.  MagicLinen not only offers bedding, but they also have clothing, curtains, kitchen and table linens too!  I own a few linen table clothes that I love to use for parties and birthdays.  And they only get softer with each wash.

MagicLinen is kindly offering a discount for you guys – use code MAGIC10 for 10% off your order!  I know you’ll love it as much as I do.

Sleeping on clouds

Christmas is in two days! TWO DAYS!! How did that even happen!?  This year has gone by so quickly it’s hard to believe it’s already almost over.  In some ways I am glad it’s over as it was one of the harder years I’ve personally experienced in a long time.  It’s definitely had it’s blessings, but overall I have been struggling through mysterious health issues that I honestly have still not fully gotten to the bottom of.  Lots of doctors appointments, lots of unanswered questions and lots of pain.  It’s just been rough…and as a mom of three young kids and a full time job on top of that….when my health is struggling, it effects everyone.  One thing that has helped my sleep + chronic neck pain lately has been my new Tempurpedic cloud pillow.  I know it might sound silly but investing in a new (nice) mattress and pillows has done wonders for my sleep / body.  If you think about it, one third of our lives are spent in bed sleeping (isn’t that crazy!), so I think a good mattress and pillow are more than worth the investment!  We’ve switched out all of our pillows for the TEMPUR-Cloud pillows and today I am giving one away on my instagram (so head on over to my profile if you want to enter!)  This pillow is made of soft memory foam and has a somewhat low profile and great neck and head support.  My kids actually love it too.

Merry Christmas to you all!  I hope you are able to slow down and really savor this holiday season with your family and loved ones!

*this post is sponsored by Tempurpedic



I usually don’t decorate much for Fall but it’s been such a long hot summer that I just got the itch to get more into the season this year and least ‘pretend’ the air outside is crisp even though it might still be 85 degrees ;)  Gosh darn San Diego seasons.  I mean, 90% of the time I love it…..but when Fall rolls around I just don’t want to sweat anymore, you know?  Anyway, I’m that classic San Diegan complaining about the weather now so I’ll stop and just talk about my mantle.  I shared this little set up in my instagram stories the other day and got so many questions that I thought I’d just share here too with more images.  If you’ve followed me for a bit you know I’m a neutral girl when it comes to decor.  Bright orange and black just don’t do it for me, so I always have to get creative when it comes to Halloween decor.  Usually it’s nothing at all (which is so lame) or all white pumpkins…which is also a little boring if there’s nothing else to it.  So this is about as colorful as it gets for me, but I really love how it all turned out.

Everyone was asking for a tutorial on the wreath that I made, but honestly, it was so simple it doesn’t really need a tutorial.  I bought a metal wreath hoop (like this) from michaels for $2 and spray painted it gold.  I also bought some fake little mauve berry stems that I liked from there too.  Then I went to the floral stand down the street from my house and got a bunch of eucalyptus. (I also used a bit of dried flowers I already had at home).  Then I just started attaching the eucalyptus to the metal ring using floral wire and layered that with the fake berries and dried flowers until I liked what it looked like! I added the same eucalyptus and berries to my mantle in between the pumpkins to tie it all together.  My pumpkins are a mix of real and fake.  You can probably tell the mini light green and peach ones are painted, but they definitely helped bring the color palette together that I was wanting.  The others we bought at trador joes for a steal (honestly, save your money at the pumpkin patch and just go to your local trador joes! SO much cheaper).  The finishing touches were this moon cycle banner and these candleholders (which are 25% off right now!). Oh, and that cute little polar bear is my favorite of all ;)