DIY Cake Pops + V-Day Printables

I am over on 100 Layer Cakelet today sharing the recipe for these Valentines Day Cake Pops.  Come to find out, making a cake pop is way harder than it looks!  Give yourself some time and patience with these…..but I promise the outcome will be well worth it!

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I also designed these free printable tags for you to add to your finished pops, or any Valentine’s Day gift for that matter.  (for personal use only)

You can download them HERE >>>



Free printable holiday tags //  Kelli Murray

Free printable holiday tags //  Kelli Murray

I created this set of gift tags based on a few of my recent holiday greeting card designs.  I am offering them to you as a free printable as a thanks for following along, encouraging me, and in turn, inspiring me in so many ways!  I hope they can add a little something extra to your holiday packages this year!

Just print the file out onto cardstock, cut around the edges, punch a hole, and string with twine.  Happy wrapping!

Free printable holiday tags //  Kelli Murray

Free printable holiday tags //  Kelli Murray

You can also still print last years free Christmas tags HERE.




Happy Easter!!  I illustrated this little rabbit the other day and decided to make it available as a free download for you all before Easter sunday rolled around.  Print it out, give it to a friend, hang it on the wall….whatever your heart desires!  My hope is to offer more of these freebies for you as time goes on, just as a thank you for following along and always making me feel so loved.  There are two download options, both sized at 5X7 with a 1/8″ border.  The only difference between the two is that one says “Happy Easter” and the other does not!  I figured you might want to make it relevant for more than a day!

**Free for personal use only

Obviously, for me, Easter is about a whole lot more than cute bunnies and flowers (it’s just what I like to draw!).  Easter is a reminder of the incredible sacrifice God made for us on the cross.  It’s a story of ultimate love and redemption.  Him dying, so that we might live. It’s humbling and overwhelming and sometimes hard to even comprehend.  And all I can say is that I am ever thankful.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones.  If you live in SD, I will be selling some of my art at ‘The Night Before‘ event on Saturday where Jon Foreman will be playing a free (yes, free!) concert.  Anyone is welcome, and I’d love to meet / see you!  Rylee girl will be there and so will the hubs.  I’m looking forward to it.  And i’m also looking forward to the family easter egg hunt that will ensue on Sunday afternoon.  (For the kiddos, that is).  And the thanksgiving style dinner my mom is preparing.   I can’t believe it’s been one whole year since these photos were taken!  I need to try to dig up those ears again!

What are your easter plans!!?


Hooray!! It’s December!  My favorite month!  I designed these cute (FREE!) downloadable gift tags to coordinate with my Yuletide Christmas Card Set! So if you purchased those, you can get matchy matchy!  And if you didn’t…well you can still have them anyway!  I hope you like them! Happy December!

(download PDF below)