Last month I was honored to be featured in the Autumn Issue of ARTFUL BLOGGING MAGAZINE by Stampington & Company.  It’s an inspiring mag that showcases various art blogs from across the internet.  It’s chalk full of creative ideas and inspiring stories….and when I was asked to be a part of it….I was more than excited!  Thanks to everyone who saw the write up and sent emails of encouragement.

Below are the pages from the interview.


I am a bit late on this post.  Like I am with everything.  (I think I am a bad blogger. ha! ) I just can’t seem to keep up with it all.  I guess that’s what happens when you work full time and are sick most of the day. ONE MORE WEEK until I’m out of my first trimester though! I have high hopes that I will be back to feeling myself again!  I didn’t share it here on my blog yet….but I had another doctors appointment on Wednesday and my doctor was nice enough to give me ANOTHER ultrasound.  The baby has grown so much in the last four weeks!  It is the size of a lime now! (well, that is the size at 12 weeks but my ultrasound showed the baby was about a week further along in development).  Go baby, go!  Anyway, I wanted to share some exciting features I’ve had in a couple different magazines during the month of January.  I know, I know,  it’s February…but here they are.

This first feature is based off an interview I did with Bailey Mobley of PROXART MAGAZINE.  Based just outside of Los Angeles, PROXART is a fresh young magazine aiming to expose innovative art that, often, lies behind closed doors in suburbia.  Bailey met me at my office at JEDIDIAH and quickly made me feel like a good friend. She was super cute, energetic and full of positive energy.  We chatted about Jedidiah and my passion behind the brand, my personal art and what inspires me…as well as the fashion world and blogs!  Hopefully you can read the text above….but if not, you can check out the rest of the Winter 2010 issue by downloading a copy HERE.

For the latest on PROXART, visit their BLOG AND FACEBOOK


Annika Marklund is a writer for Sweden’s biggest fashion magazine, SOFIS MODE.  For every issue, she writes a feature about an inspiring and talented blogger from somewhere around the globe. I couldn’t believe it when she asked ME to be the January feature! What!?! We did an interview over email, and while I’m sure the article talks about it….I can’t read a word! haha!  Regardless, it’s SO cool to be featured in a magazine from Sweden! (Thanks again Annika!) Check out her LOOKBOOK and BLOG too! She is fabulous.

Happy saturday to you all! I am off to the studio (aka messy garage) to paint!


Yayyy! It’s finally up! VANS contacted me a month or so ago asking if I would be interested in being their “VANS GIRL SPOTLIGHT” for January.  How could I say no!? They sent me a bunch of free gear and I had my girls from JOIELALA snap a few pics of me in one of the looks I put together with the clothes.  I am wearing their Onyx Leggin, Pom Pom Squad Beanie, and super comfy Notion Pullover.  I love it ALL and I’m so honored to be featured on their site! Of course, I added a matching illustration to accompany the feature!  Check out the full post HERE.

And no, these moccasins are not Vans.  But they are my favorite shoes at the moment and I will not take them off my feet until I am sick of them.

Not yet.

Photos by JOIELALA


It’s out!! I was featured in the October Art Issue of 944 Magazine. The section titled Culture Shockers featured 13 Creative Minds Propelling San Diego’s Art Scene Forward.  What an honor!  I still have yet to pick myself up a copy!

Artists include Chris Stamp, Jack Stricker, Italian Japanese, Ryan Crowley, Ann Berchtold, Julie Schraeger, April Game, and Brooks Sterling. Check out the issue online at and pick up a free copy at your local boutique, salon, or coffee house.

Written by Nicole Quiroz.  Photos by Karen Morrison.


My life has been crazy this last week so I have had little time for updates. BUT…to catch up….two Sundays ago I participated in the THREAD Show down at Horton Plaza, in the heart of downtown San Diego. It’s a place where emerging fashion designers and artists can display their work and reach new audiences.  My art was hung in the gallery section of the show, coordinated by my friends at Art Kills Artists.

Jedidiah was also there selling new loot.  Key pieces from our Fall Collection were showcased in the fashion show (seen in the video below).

I was OVERWHELMED at how many people came out for the event! Thank you so much to everyone who visited and bought some of my work! It was quite a happy day!

THREAD Show San Diego Recap from Jedidiah Clothing on Vimeo.