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– we’ve been seeing lots of hot air balloons floating around the sky.  It’s always been something i’ve wanted to do. (hinting to husband!)

– it’s been really hot, so Rylee and I have been hitting up the pool.  She’s definitely a water baby.

– i can’t stop kissing her chubby cheeks. They are irrisistable.  Sometime’s she get’s annoyed of my relentless smooches.

– i’ve been making lil pom headbands.  More still available in my shop.

– i’m loving collars.  Especially this one.

– Rylee finally fits into her moccasins! Seriously, the cutest.

– we’ve been “parking it” with dad (my new favorite activity)

– coordinating outfits with mom (i can’t help myself)

– we’ve been dreaming about the future….

– and smiling and showing off our TEETH! Particularly two little chicklets that just popped out on the bottom.

What have YOU been up to!? Link to your posts and i’ll check them out.



So, I must admit, I’ve become a bit instagram obsessed since recently getting an iPhone!  Clearly, mine is overloaded with pics of Rylee….as most days it’s just the two of us.  I kind of live for pictures.  And she will have PLENTY of them to look back on when she grows up! I’ve found some fun filters and things to make them look all fancy using picfx and idarkroom apps.  I’ve gone a little bokeh crazy too….but I just can’t help myself.  A little sparkle never hurt anyone, right?  Do you instagram?  Send me your username so I can find you! (i’m kelli_murray).  These are a handful of my most recent.

If you happened to miss my post on Wednesday about the giveaway hosted by Sometimes Sweet, be sure to head over there today and comment for a chance to win a custom portrait! yay! I get super excited over giveaways!  Dani has such an incredible following, I was blown away by the response even after just the first few hours.  I know sometimes it’s easy to think you don’t have a chance with so many entries….but YOU NEVER KNOW!  I still have yet to win any giveaway I have ever entered….but I always tell myself that SOMEONE’S got to win! …right!?  haha.  Maybe it will be your lucky day.  Reading her blog this last week I was inspired by her “Currently” post and thought I’d do one here as well.  I know for me, I have always enjoyed reading the more personal posts of my favorite bloggers.  It’s hard for me  to find time to do that a lot here….but I thought this was a creative and somewhat simple way to “get personal”.  So here it goes.




LOVING: Instagram!? ha.  That one is too obvious.  Right now I am looooooving candy colored pastels. Mint, peach and yellow in particular.  I need to do a wishlist round up soon with all the pastels I have been finding. I’d like to be wearing THESE on my feet at this very moment, and have THIS on my desk.

THINKING ABOUT:  My grandpa.  He and my grandmother live in the north woods of Wisconsin, in a little town called Phelps.  Although they live far from family, they love it there.  And so do I.  It’s the place I used to visit every summer as a kid….and the place that inspires a lot of my art and what I create.  Some of my favorite memories are rooted there…building forts in the woods with my cousins,  sleeping under the stars on the dock by the lake, skiing until the sun went down, campfires and storytelling, waking up to the smell of grandma’s french toast, singing with  my grandpa and sharing a bowl of home made ice cream with maple syrup (don’t judge, just try it…it’s delicious).  I could go on and on.  In my mind, it is a magical place of laughter and love and all thing good.  And my grandparents were a big part of those unforgettable memories.  But in recent years, my grandfather has been battling a number of health problems.  And it is looking like it will be his time to go very soon.  The thought of death and loosing someone close has always scared me.  But right now, I am forced to face it….and I find myself crying often at just the thought of loosing him.  My grandma is one of the strongest people I know, and she has been caring for him on her own for some time now.  But since he has recently gotten really sick, it has become quite a challenge for her, especially without any family close by to help.  The doctors just told her last week that there is nothing more that they can do…his kidney’s are failing.  They have loved each other since  they have been 16 years old and have been such an incredible example to me of love, loyalty and faithfulness in marriage.  I know that death is just a part of life…but that certainly doesn’t make it any easier.  Especially when the person you are loosing holds such a special place in your heart.  My thoughts and prayers are with the two of them right now.  And I am hoping my grandpa will pass without pain….and that my grandma feels an overwhelming peace and strength from God during this time.

ANTICIPATING:  On a much lighter note…I am anticipating getting to meet my little nephew Jonah in a few weeks!  Sam’s twin sister Hannah had a baby boy about a month after I delivered Rylee….and they are finally coming to visit!  Along with Sam’s parents from Minnesota, and his younger sister Amy from Canada.  It will be so fun to have his family in town and get to meet this little guy I have heard so much about.  I have a feeling Jonah and Rylee will be best of friends :)

WISHING: Wishing there were more hours in the day.  Don’t we all?  I just can’t seem to keep up.  I am also wishing my baby girls teeth would hurry up and come in so that she is not so uncomfortable.  She cut her first tooth yesterday, but more are still on their way!  I think I might have a cranky baby on my hands for a while longer.  Any helpful tips on things that sooth a teething baby!?

EATING: Veggie Burgers.  Who knew?  We have been cutting back on meat in a big way after watching the Forks Over Knives documentary and getting scared out of our minds! haha.  But really, we are attempting to eat a bit more healthy around here since I no longer have a baby in my stomach demanding Big Macs!

WORKING ON:  My new blog layout and portfolio.  Whoa….this is taking me forever.  I’ve realized I need to stop working on other projects in order to finish my own! Attempting to slow down, but not doing a very good job at saying no! Story of my life.